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ABC Rnd3 Event Page – Links Below:

Moreton Bay Council

Moreton Bay Council are a huge supporter of ABC24, check out some amazing material for tourism in the region!

Stage Report

See all information about ABC Rnd 3 in our stage report! Everything from accomodation to tire selection.

Nomination Form

Nominations are now closed, please PM us on facebook for remaining available spots.

Current Nominations

Check out who is already signed up for ABC24.

Visa Letter

For those countries that require visa letters, please use this cover letter in your application.

Event Summary


Estimated 8-5pm – Open Practice
Estimated 8-5pm – 2 x Controlled Practice Runs, 1 x Seeding
Estimated 8-5pm – 1 x Seeding, 2 x Qualifiers
Reseed done after Q2.
Estimated 8-5pm – Q3-Q4, First final of all EP Classes.
Estimated 8-4pm. Finals

Special Guest

2024 Trailer Video

2023 Video