Club Rules

General Rules and Conditions [See our website for the complete Rules and Conditions.]
Welcome to the sport of off-road model car racing. We hope you will have a long and enjoyable association with Pine Hills Dirt Racing.
The following is compiled to assist you in knowing what is expected of you as a member of PHDR. It is also here to help you enjoy this most thrilling of all radio control sports.

Members Responsibilities

Members are expected to assist with maintenance of the complex. Notice of working bees will given and all members are expected to attend. Remember that without working bees the track and the facilities at PHDR cannot remain at the high standard you like to enjoy.


Safety is of paramount concern at PHDR, not only for the drivers but importantly for the general public. Drivers must be aware of the general public and make sure that no member of the public is at risk during racing. This includes activities in the pits.


Closed toe shoes must be worn by everyone within the official race area ie: track and surround, pits, officials area, etc. Under no circumstances will sandals, thongs etc. be allowed.

Race Day Organisation

Registration All drivers must arrive at the circuit and be nominated for the days racing prior to the official close of registration. Registration is typically from 7:30am or as advised for the particular race meeting. A late fee may be imposed on members who nominate late.

Racing Finish

Racing is typically from about 9:15am to 3pm, although it may extend longer depending on the number of entries. The Race Director may conclude racing for the day at any time (typically due to rain, light, or a safety aspect) at which time points accumulated will count towards the day’s results

Race Format

Two formats of racing are generally used at PHDR – “rounds” and “finals”. The Meeting’s format for the day shall be determined by the race director depending on numbers in attendance and any other factors.

Conduct During Racing

1. Drivers are expected to show good sportsmanship on and off the track. No bad language will be tolerated.
2. Smoking is not permitted on the Drivers Stand or in the Pit Lane during racing.
3. Drivers are to refrain from leaning forward on the Drivers Stand as this obstructs other drivers view of the circuit.
4. Should a driver’s car stop in the middle of the track he must notify other drivers on the Drivers Stand that the track is obstructed.
5. Should a vehicle require marshalling the driver must refrain from using the throttle when the marshal is picking up the car. That is the brake should be applied.
6. Should a driver jump the start (grid start) they will be required to do a stop and go penalty in the pit lane.
7. Any car considered unsafe by the Race Director will be ‘Black Flagged’ (A car which has been ‘Black Flagged’ is disqualified from the race.) A car may be considered unsafe if it is suffering radio malfunction or if any part of the car is unattached. Cars will be considered unsafe if tyre wear or loss of a wheel makes the car hard to control.
8. Drivers who ‘barge’ other cars will be warned only once by the Race Director. A second offence will result a “drive through”. A third offence will result in disqualification.
9. Cars being lapped by faster cars are expected to show courtesy to the overtaking driver. Faster and therefore more experienced drivers should be aware that less experienced drivers may not be able to easily make way for them and overtake cautiously.
10. Transmitters are not to be turned on unless actually racing. Transmitters are not to be taken onto the track area unless placing or removing a car from the pit lane.
11. The Race Director may delay the start of a race due to radio interference. Anyone not on his or her assigned frequency may be disqualified from that heat or final.
12. Drivers of subsequent races must not bring their cars into the pit lane or surrounding area until Alycat has signalled that the previous race is concluded and drivers can leave the drivers’ stand.
13. Similarly, drivers of subsequent races should not start their cars until Alycat has signalled that the previous race is concluded and drivers can leave the drivers’ stand. This is to ensure there is no radio interference or distraction (noise) for racing drivers.
Drivers Points Score System

PHDR will run two points series in 2015. See the DPS section in the PHDR website for a full explanation of the how the DPS will work for each series. Awards will be presented depending on the number of drivers in the class. The Committee may make other awards as it deems appropriate. To be eligible for points allocation a driver must be a financial PHDR member during the applicable race series and have raced a minimum of 50% of the race days of the series.

Temporary Membership

Temporary membership for new drivers to the club who would like to race at PHDR’s facilities. It entitles the person to race on three (3) meetings throughout the calendar year in which the temporary membership is issued.

Temporary members are NOT eligible for Drivers Points score, although any points accumulated will be considered if the driver becomes a member of PHDR.
After three (3) meetings the person must become a FULL member of PHDR at the appropriate fee, otherwise they will NOT BE ALLOWED TO RACE AT PHDR.


Please visit the >> AARCMCC Website << for a full list of gerenal rules and those relating to your class.