What type of RC car do I need to go racing?

PHDR races all classes of off-road RC cars up to 1/8th scale, anything larger and it’s usually classified as a Large Scale RC car. Whether it’s an electric or internal combustion powered, there’s  a class for everyone. The outlaw class is where we all start, whether it’s in a world class spec chassis or hobby grade chassis, it’s where we all began and it’s in many instances the most exciting and enjoyable racing as there are relaxed rules and the objective is to give everyone track time and get used to the race schedule, rules and get to meet everyone.

Do I need to be a member to race?

No, you don’t. There can be a surcharge for non-members for race day nomination, you also have to be a member of an AARCMCC affiliated club to race state and sanctioned meetings. It’s usual for the wonderful spirit in RC to be contagious and being a member is more than a licence to race, it’s a community we are a part of and contribute to maintain. It’s not cheap to move tonnes of earth, maintain electronics, the facilities, host lunch and special events, membership is valued and that’s your choice.

What’s the most important when starting out?

It’s your own expectations that will determine the level of enjoyment or performance. PHDR has some of the fastest drivers in the world, it takes a few years to develop your racing to their level and it’s up to you to realise that they will make you look slow, we all started like that. What is important is that you enjoy yourself and give yourself time to develop the various skills, equipment and track time to get the entire package right. Going to the race shop and buying the latest and greatest car isn’t where we started, take your time and make good compromises.

What’s the best car and what should model should I buy?

You’ll hear it everywhere…

Buy what they run at your track!

It’s true, come down to the club, there’ll be at least three major brands at any time and you’re welcome to come and take a look for yourself, ask questions about pricing, support and supply and get a better idea on what the best strategy is for you. By running what we run, if you ever break a $2 part and can’t run, there’ll be someone in the garage that will get you going, we all share parts as we’ve all had a DNS. All said and done, the best car is…

The car you like most!

Are children welcome?

I’m an RC dad, over the years it’s a common thing to see the world’s best have a father in pit lane and it’s not only a boy thing, there are lots of girls that race and race well too! Age is the determining factor, under 11 and it’s rare to find the hobby enthusiast, there’s always a guardian there behind the scenes doing the wrenching. Over 11 and there’s a more awareness to the work involved, the investment and the others on track. I took my sons racing to get them away from the Playstation where they were destroying virtual cars and pressing “RESTART”. RC makes it apparent that if you break the car, you can fix it, or not!

Is it expensive?

Yes! So is tennis, wood chopping, fishing or any competitive sport…

A day with your family, out and about, away from the TV, compares much with a family day at the beach, parking, lunch at the Surf Club, fuel, etc…  There’s no such thing as a cheap good time!

My sons would usher me by McDonalds on the way home because they preferred a new set of tyres … Not a bad thing either!

What’s mum got to say about it?

Get them out of the house for a day, no mess, peaceful, let mum get her own things done, sounds great huh!?

Then we get home and our RC gear expands to every corner of the home…. 

If you haven’t the space at home for a workshop, be nice to mum and get as much of the maintenance done at the track!