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PHDR held the 2016 Annual General Meeting on 24 January 2016 at Pine Hills Dirt Racing – James Drysdale Reserve.  The 2015 committee resigned from their positions and all positions were declared vacant.  Following the election process the 2016 committee consists of;
President – Mark Stringer
Vice President – Louisa Beale
Treasurer – Ty Beale
Secretary – Luke Turner
General Committee members – David England, Daniel Van Der Walt, Troy Ward, Mark Ward and Mark Williams.
A huge thank you goes to the outgoing committee, they were able to achieve some wonderful results for the club and the new committee looks forward to building on their excellent work done this year.

Lighting Grant

A very good evening to all you R/C racing lovers out there. We have some super, super, fantastic exciting news for you all.

Just this afternoon we received confirmation that Pine Hills Dirt Racing has been approved for our second grant application…

A lighting grant!!!!

That’s right boys and girls, permanent track lighting is coming to Pine Hills Dirt Racing smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon
As you can all imagine this is going to be absolutely fantastic for the club. Of course it will mean lots, lots more night racing, as well as the potential weeknight practices.
So watch this space for some exciting new events and adventures.

As you can imagine we are all super excited about this news, I for one feel like I’ve been bouncing off the walls since we got the call.
I’d like to put out a massive thanks to Ty Beale for working on this for us, and of course BRL electrical for all their work designing the lighting plan and grant application. Hopefully these guys will be out to start working very very soon 🙂

Anyway guys I’ll leave you with that  🙂
This will be my last announcement as President of the club, and I couldn’t think of a better way to end it smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon

See you all at racing on Sunday, it’s going to be great.

Dave E

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Aerials by Luke – Jan 10 – 2016

Ian Haley wins the Queensland On-Road GT8 IC champs 2015.

Super close race, Ian using his off-road skills and consistency on a perfect track to keep the door shut on a persistent chase by Jack Chun. Lots of cheers, excitement and happy faces! One commentator mentioned once it got too close, he turned up the wick and it made for some great racing, short video will be on the website soon. It was pleasantly familiar to hear a soft short whistle every now and then in the England Park pits too!!

Short video of the final few laps

Celebrating with a splash

Well done!

XMAS Cup 28/29/ Sept 2015

Outlaw Beginner Alex Verrecchia 1st, Troy Ward 2nd, Mark Ward 3rd.

Nitro – Kyle McBride 1st, Aaron Stringer 2nd, and Shane Frieberg 3rd.

EP – Sam Perry 1st, Alex Purkhart 2nd, Steve Lewis 3rd,

Project number 4 - upgrade the pit lane and pit shed race monitors. These new 50inch monitors will make it easy to see the race timing when your pitting or in the pits waiting for the next race. ... See MoreSee Less
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