Jackson Beale

PositionMugen MBX7r / FUSION

Career: Student
Birth date: 20 Dec 2005
Hometown: Brisbane, QLD
Mechanic: Dad
Nickname: Jacko
Hobbies: Football(AFL), soccer, Xbox

Chassis: Mugen MBX7r (buggy), Mugen MBX6TR (truggy), and Mugen MBX7 ECO
Engine: Fusion X5 Lightning
Tyres: Pro-Line
Fuel: RB Fuel
Electrics: Highest RC

Sponsors: Pro-Line Australia, Mugen Seiki Australia (MMI), ABT Hobbies, Fusion X Engines, Team Godwin Real Estate, BRL Electrical, Versatile Ceramic and Stone, Team Beale Racing


Favourite track: Perth (MORBC)
Favourite Event: 2015 Australian Titles (Perth – MORBC)
Best RC moment: 2nd Place in Drivers Point Score 2014 Season PHDR, and getting to race with Kyle and Aaron all the time.
Goals: Qualify for the World Titles
Best RC buddies: The 2 Alex’s and Caleb Noble
RC Rivals: Jackson (Mayhem) Airey

Career Highlights:

  • 2nd Junior Nitro – SEQ Interclub Series (including the only junior to make an A Main final throughout the series)
  • 2nd PHDR Rumble in the Night (Junior)
  • 87nd (out of 165 entries) at the Australian Titles in Perth (11th in Juniors)
  • 45th Qld State titles (5th in Juniors)
  • Competed in Series 1 & 2 – Drivers Point Score Series 1st Junior
  • Competed in the Meakin Masters
  • 9th PHDR Xmas Cup 2015